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ORANGE: The Discotheque

The globs of a lava lamp don’t really get anywhere, now do they.

Lava Lamps

The lava lamp continues
its up and down journey
as the disco ball fractures and scatters
the light about the room,
all the while the dancers dance their dances
with no need for contact,
no need to hold on to anyone else,
gyrating to the disturbance
of the regular flow of rhythm,
electronic synthesizing
of analog counterparts;
reverberating vocals reverberating
the inner core of the medulla oblongata,
erasing the white lines
from the mirror image of powder blues
and ruffled hues all paler than
last year’s model–
thin is in,
less is more or less the money shot,
and the hits keep getting hotter,
virgin vinyl melting under diamond needles:
disco didn’t die–it was just buried alive,
pushed to the underground of the heartland.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Daniel Massey

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