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Scott may have grown up in the ’60s, but he was not a hippy. He did not participate in Vietnam in combat or in protest (he was in the fifth grade when it ended). Nor was he at Woodstock. A teen in the seventies and early eighties, he did experiment with various substances for a time; enjoys rock and roll (most forms of music actually); spent several years in a Christian community that lived and worked together; left the US Navy as a conscientious objector; likes to wear jeans, loose shirts, and long hair. And he likes to write poetry. So, technically, Scott could be called a hippy, even though he was too young at the time to participate.

Other books of poetry by Scott Daniel Massey, available at CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com.

And They Called the Altar Ed

Featured for a Night


Class Work

Moments of Serenity

Thoughts and Intents

You are not alone, Loretta


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  1. Yep. Some of us do the hippy thing later in life. (I was a nun during the ’60’s!) :0>

  2. Hi, thank you for following my blog, good to meet you! 🙂

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