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NaPoWriMo Day 23

Day 23 [10:03-10:45 pm]
For today’s prompt, write a footwear poem. A poem about shoes, flip flops, socks, slippers, flippers, boots, pumps, and so on. If you’d prefer not to dedicate a poem to your footwear, just mention footwear somewhere in the poem. That’s right; your hi-tops don’t have to be the star, and it’s totally cool if somebody’s clogs play a minor role in the poem. (www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2016-april-pad-challenge-day-23)

Father’s Boots

Your boots were too big to fill.

Not the brown leather, steel-toe
work boots with the oil stains
and the gouge on top of the right
boot from when that forklift scraped
over your toes at the factory
where you worked to put food
on the table, and keep the lights
turned on, and Christmas, and
band equipment, and Mom happy.

Not those boots.

The black polished leather, pointed-toe
cowboy boots with the fancy stitching
top to bottom that you shined
every Saturday evening before taking
Mom to the corner bar to play
all night long with your four piece
band all the songs you wrote when
you were twenty and promised Mom
you’d make it big-time, and they’d hear
you on the radio, and buy up all your
records, and you’d tour the country,
and buy a big house in the suburbs.

Those boots.

Right now I’m wearing my leather
Jesus sandals with straps that bind
the top of the foot and secure the ankle;
that I wear around the house in the evening,
or on the patio for weekend grilling, or
sometimes when we go to the beach—
when we go.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Daniel Massey


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