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NaPoWriMo Day 21

Day 21 [10:08-11:13 pm]
On Day 21 of the NaPoWriMo challenge, “R” is for “Repetition.” Many types of repetition can be effective in poetry. Try reading theexamples of poems that use refrains (repeated lines) at the Poetry Foundation page. I also recommend visiting the Repetition page at LiteraryDevices.net, which includes a fuller discussion about the types of repetition used in poetry, along with some examples from famous poets. (www.wildviolet.net/2015/04/21/napowrimo-prompt-21/#.VxmBKHTD9nE)

Due to the lateness of the hour and my mind not functioning to fullest capacity, I am going to repeat a poem previously posted. And in the spirit of the prompt, it is a pantoum, a form that features repetition. Also, this introduction is full of alliteration, a repetitive poetic device. I promise to prove my worth and repeat this prompt in the morning to fulfill NaPoWriMo, as well another poem for Day 22.

Heard Through the Echoes
(A Pantoum)

Can You hear, God?
Are your ears open to my prayers?
Am I whispering in the wind,
answering echo for echo?

Are your ears open? Do my prayers
reach the heights of heaven’s heart,
answering echo for echo
within the weight of silence?

Reach the heights of heaven’s heart;
hushed echoes overflowing
within the wait of silence:
know Me.

Hushed echoes overflowing…
I AM whispering in the wind,
“Know Me.”
Can you hear God?

Copyright © 2016 Scott Daniel Massey


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