dispersing & reflecting light through poetry

Day 21 [7:45-8:10 am]
On Day 21 of the NaPoWriMo challenge, “R” is for “Repetition.” Many types of repetition can be effective in poetry. Try reading theexamples of poems that use refrains (repeated lines) at the Poetry Foundation page. I also recommend visiting the Repetition page at LiteraryDevices.net, which includes a fuller discussion about the types of repetition used in poetry, along with some examples from famous poets. (www.wildviolet.net/2015/04/21/napowrimo-prompt-21/#.VxmBKHTD9nE)

I almost wrote this in a way that would have given away my place of employment. I am aware of an incident in which a server did a musical parody of this chain and lost her job. I don’t want to do that. And this is just that. I am good at what I do, but with all occupations it can get a bit repetitive.

The Repetition Principle
Or How To Be A Server

Enthusiastically welcome guests
and introduce yourself with a friendly smile.
Offer featured wine in poetic detail,
describe its body, bouquet, and finish;
explain how it pairs flawlessly with the special.
Bring water.

Ask first guest their preference
of dressing for their salad.
List in memorized order.
Sing the praises of your personal favorite.
Repeat for each guest.
Bring ranch.

Take detailed notes of each order
outlining the correct method
the kitchen should prepare the steak,
with anecdotes of how it has been misprepared
every other occasion.
Bring well done.

Offer a choice of irresistible sweets
to tantalize the tastes buds
and conclude this magnificent feast,
complete with hot coffee
ground fresh from the finest beans,
brewed fresh for their delight.
Bring mints.

Enthusiastically thank guests
for choosing to dine in your fine establishment.
Tell them that you look forward
to their next visit because
you thoroughly enjoyed their company
and this was the highlight of your day.
Bring check.

Ask guests if there is anything else
that you could possibly do for them.
Explain that the deposit
has already been taken to the bank
and that they will have to come back
for the million dollars.
Enthusiastically say goodbye.
Take change.

Enthusiastically welcome guests
and introduce yourself with a friendly smile.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Daniel Massey


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