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NaPoWriMo Day 5

Day 5 [10:15-11:02 pm]
Today, I challenge you to spend some time looking at the names of heirloom plants, and write a poem that takes its inspiration from, or incorporates the name of, one or more of these garden rarities. (www.napowrimo.net/)

Ok, not exactly according to prompt, but a prompt is only meant to give a nudge in a creative direction. This was the activities for a day of hanging out with my 6 year old granddaughter, Serenity.


We planted the tomato plant
you picked out
from the garden section,
one of our favorite places to hang–
looking at fountains
spouting and dribbling,
“Don’t play in the water,”
I’d say unenthusiastically,
because what are fountains for;
checking out the rocks
and pots and trees;
smelling all the flowers,
all the red and the yellow and the pink
and the white and the purple
annuals and perennials,
the roses and hibiscus,
carnations and daisies.
We put it in a pot with a circular trellis
next to the apple trees
we started from seed
what, two springs ago.
And we transplanted
those two trees into larger pots
so their roots could expand
and their branches reach higher.
And next to the avocado that’s still
holding on, though it’s only
three inches tall.
It’s actually the second,
the first didn’t make it;
but you wanted to try again.
And we planted the beans
you and your cousin started inside
before he went back
to live with his mother.
We planted those beans,
now half a foot tall,
in that blue boat we used last year,
when the beans we planted then
were a daily source of snacks
with a few tiny carrots in between.
And when we were done
with the watering and cleaning
of dirt covered hands and tools,
we took off our shoes
and started flower seeds inside:
bachelor buttons and moonflowers,
petunias, lavender, and “saliva”–
you couldn’t stop calling them
“salivas”–and zinnias;
all for Grandma to have a little color
on the porch and on the patio.
I’m looking forward
to the fragrance of the moonflower.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Daniel Massey


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