dispersing & reflecting light through poetry

NaPoWriMo Day 2

Day 2 [7:36-8:07 am]
…write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait. (www.napowrimo.net)

Portraits of Family Hung on the Wall

The frames don’t line up.
It’s almost as if they were flung
toward the nail that holds them in place
in hopes they’d stay.
The huge 11×14 of us
is the off-center focal point
showcasing our outdated
glasses and hairstyles;
the only real change
to my current style is my hairline.
The offspring along the top,
eldest to youngest,
in graduation garb–
the graveclothes of youth.
Our grandchildren surround
the sides and bottom,
most in need of updating:
the oldest’s is still a baby picture,
he’s now almost 20;
the youngest’s is recent,
she’s lived most of her life so far
in this house.
A snapshot of my parents
and an impromptu photo
of me and my siblings
hang in landscape
at the edge of this collection.
There are spaces on the wall
for more.
Don’t expect any form
or regular pattern.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Daniel Massey


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