dispersing & reflecting light through poetry

NaPoWriMo Day 1

Day 1 [11:17-11:52 pm]
Write a poem about a thunderstorm without using the words rain, thunder, or lightning. (the poet’s billow, WordPress)

The Eye

We stepped out of candlelit dimness
into the starlit darkness
of the opened cloudless sky,
over the the fallen trunk of the pine
that pointed skyward
only that afternoon,
now inches from the trunk of my car;
over the raging waters
of the previously shallow ditch
running the length of the block;
through the debris of branches
and leaves and children’s toys
that had been left in backyards,
now scattered on the road;
past the charred remains
of a transformer
hanging from the pole;

into the stillness
more frightening
than the wind.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Daniel Massey


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