dispersing & reflecting light through poetry

This is from my book of poems Moments of Serenity, all of which were inspired by my granddaughter and angel, Serenity. She was 2½ when this was written.

Touched by an Angel

the smell of flowers
     natural, plastic, painted
tree bark
fallen twigs and branches
mylar balloons
ramen noodles
Goldfish® and raisins
chocolate milk and fresh brewed coffee
the dishwasher and the kitchen sink
     (with help)
tongs and wooden spoons
not the electric outlet
the wall,
     with a blue crayon
the sidewalk of Goose Creek
twirly dresses
all the magnets on the refrigerator
the pictures held by the magnets on the refrigerator
Veggie Tales
“Finding Nemo”
“Finding Nemo”
“Finding Nemo”
boo-boos and buggy bites
“Goodnight Moon”
“Sing, Sing a Song”
“Jesus Loves the Little Children”
the moon
this notepad
my hand
my face
my heart

Copyright © 2015 Scott Daniel Massey

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