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The following is a public service announcement
from the author of these posts:

I promised to let you glimpse the process of the making of this chapbook. Well here is some process in real time. I woke up this morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. EST realizing that I had paired a pair of poems incorrectly. And I have been doing it from the beginning. Perhaps it’s the early morning writing when the coffee hasn’t really kicked in yet. But I sat up and said out loud (hopefully not loud enough to wake my wife), “It’s wrong.”

So what’s wrong? Currently I have “Cheap Valentine” paired with “Ghazal: Of My Love” (both covered in the past two posts) and “Window Shopping in Rosse Buurt” with “Solomon, St. Valentine, and the Coming of Christ”, a yet to be written sonnet (more on that later). Okay, Scott? I don’t see the problem. You explained it fairly well in ‘The Cost of Mis-RED Love’ and ‘Persian RED. What gives?

“Cheap Valentine” is about misunderstood and unappreciated love. “Ghazal: Of My Love” is a sensual poem about true intimacy, sexual and otherwise. “Solomon, St. Valentine, and the Coming of Christ” will be about committed love and marriage. “Window Shopping in Rosse Buurt” is about pornography and self-fulfillment. So…

“Cheap Valentine” and “Solomon, St. Valentine, and the Coming of Christ” should be paired together, unrequited vs. fulfilled; and “Ghazal: Of My Love” should actually be the companion of “Window Shopping in Rosse Buurt”, selfless vs. selfish.

I’m not sure why I put them in that order to begin with, it seems obvious to me now, but there you have it. A truly inside look at the process. And now for another cup of coffee.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Daniel Massey

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